Svetlana Savina

I’ve been passionate about sewing and fabric since I was a child making clothes for my dolls. As I grew older I began creating clothes for myself, eventually pursuing a career as a fashion designer. I loved learning about different textiles and their impact on people and the environment.
After I married and had children it became very important for me to work with and promote natural, non-toxic materials.

I grew up on a farm in Siberia where we raised sheep and other animals in
a natural setting. Wool was a staple material in our family life; it kept us warm in the severe Siberian winters.

When I was approached by Irina with the idea of starting a business making wool comforters and mattress toppers, it seemed like a great way for me to combine my sewing skills, my passion for natural fabrics like wool and a way to promote the same kind of sustainable lifestyle I had experienced growing up in Russia.

I believe in the United States we need to begin focusing on using natural, non-polluting and non-toxic materials such as eco wool or cotton; materials that are produced here in the US and made into sustainable products by local artisans.

At Wisdom of Wool Irina and I are committed to crafting quality wool products that contribute to a better environment and help our customers live a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Bringing you a line of natural wool bedding products free from chemicals is my privilege and passion in life!